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IBM Cúram solution for disability management

The challenge

Providing personalized and coordinated services

Disability and workers’ compensation programs have to go beyond the purely physical and medical aspects of disability and rehabilitation. Health and rehabilitation needs are complicated by poverty, social exclusion and barriers to services. To address these challenges, government organizations need to become more citizen-centric and collaborative.


The solution

Smarter disability management programs

The IBM Cúram solution for disability management combines information, screening and intake processes with analytics and case management to help deliver better outcomes for individuals, families and society. It provides coordinated, person-centric service delivery and speeds the introduction of new services. The solution also helps professionals collaborate across programs, leverage data and make more informed decisions.

The solution reduces technology risk and costs and can be modified to meet shifting demands. You can easily incorporate changes in legislation, add new benefits and include new services, programs or providers. The solution pools extensive analytics and data capabilities to help you understand and anticipate the needs of individuals and large populations, so you can provide the right mix of services. Multidisciplinary teams can collaborate across programs and share information while respecting confidentiality, maintaining security standards and protecting privacy.

The solution makes it easier for you to identify hidden intervention opportunities and deliver personalized and accountable services and benefits. It also can help prevent individuals from becoming high need and high cost. In the case of workers’ compensation programs, it helps support employers that are struggling to meet legislative mandates and requirements.


The benefits

Highly specialized disability management

The IBM Cúram solution for disability management integrates services and data to enable the coordination of medical, rehabilitative and social programs. The solution facilitates:


The specifics

Comprehensive support for citizens

The IBM Cúram solution for disability management uses more than 3,000 industry best practices and rules to offer comprehensive support for citizens from initial contact through service delivery and outcome evaluation. The solution includes:



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IBM Cúram solution for disability management

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