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A planet of smarter cities: driving prosperity
through insight and integration

As director of strategy and market management for the IBM Smarter Cities initiative, John B. Gordon has met with city leaders around the world in more than 100 local events and 3000 engagements. They consistently cited their ongoing responsibilities—including aging infrastructures, declining tax revenues and increasing populations—and the need to find more effective ways to manage these challenges, faced with a likely doubling of population over the next 50 years.

The discussions inspired this presentation, "A planet of smarter cities: driving prosperity through insight and integration," in which Gordon outlines conclusions and solutions.

A smarter city helps to increase prosperity for all its citizens by:

  • Using information to make more insighrful decisions
  • Predicting problems to resolve them proactively
  • Coordinating its resources to operate effectively

With the goal of driving sustainable growth to increase prosperity, city leaders recognize the opportunity to use technology to help deliver better outcomes in economic development, sustainability and quality of life.

The presentation presents examples of how cities around the world are turning smarter by using information in a new way to manage data, analyze patterns and optimize outcomes:

  • Using analytics to predict crime (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Integrating multiple systems to streamline transport (Singapore)
  • Saving lives by integrating emergency-response systems (Madrid)