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Berlin 2009

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Hosted by IBM Chairman, President and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano, our first SmarterCities forum convened more than 340 leaders from 130 cities in 30 countries in Europe to make our cities smarter. And it's clear from the discussions and exchanges that resulted: Building smarter cities is one of the most crucial imperatives for our planet in the 21st century.

In Berlin we explored a new vision to make our urbanizing planet more instrumented, more interconnected and more intelligent. We heard from city leaders throughout Europe on how they are setting new standards, pioneering new innovations and transforming the complex systems that make up our cities.

We learned that smarter cities are dynamic, transparent, inclusive and adaptive. Operationally, smarter cities integrate their core systems—education, healthcare, public safety, energy, water and utilities, transportation and government services. As a result, they can monitor operations, improve performance and respond to the needs of its jurisdictions each day in near real time. Smarter cities are a true system of systems.

We have the tools and we have the models to help build a more sustainable urbanized world. Certainly, it won't be easy—real innovation never is. But we can—and we must—work together to transform our cities and the systems that comprise them. For more on the program highlights and presentations, please see below.

Berlin 2009 agenda. Challenges. Realities. Opportunities.

Session I – A Planet of Smarter Cities
Emblematic of our society's progress, unprecedented urbanization is creating a huge strain on the earth's resources. This makes our cities the perfect platform on which to innovate new solutions for our planet.

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Session II – A Vision for Smarter Cities
To create a new vision for our cities, we need new leadership requirements, new tools and new models. We also need an understanding of the key systems that make up our cities—and how all of these interact, within our cities and between them. It is in these systems, and in how they interconnect, that we will find new opportunities for innovation.

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Session III – What it Takes to Build a Smarter City – Breakout Discussions
Here, you can review the presentations of various leaders who have implemented smarter programs in their cities in transportation, healthcare, education, public safety and government services.

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Session IV – Seizing the Opportunity
Forward-thinking city leaders are seizing the opportunity to make their cities, their regions and their countries smarter. We can make our cities smarter today, and here's how.

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