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Enterprise health analytics for healthcare providers

The challenge

Integrate intelligence into decision making

Healthcare organizations spend tens of millions of dollars acquiring and implementing advanced information systems that generate and capture large amounts of data every day. While these systems are designed to provide data quickly—one patient at a time—most are not optimized for population-based reporting and analysis. Many healthcare organizations lack the tools, skills and architecture to efficiently collect, aggregate and analyze data from disparate systems. Enterprise health analytics for healthcare providers from IBM can help transform these data-rich environments into intelligent, high-value information.


The solution

Insight and value for a smarter healthcare provider organization

Our enterprise health analytics solution aggregates and analyzes information from clinical and business application systems, as well as data collected from sensors, patient monitoring systems, medical instruments and handheld devices. This information is integrated and interconnected to allow clinicians, physicians and administrators to tackle questions such as how the organization is performing, the clinical results being achieved and patient satisfaction. Advanced analytics capabilities help to speed medical research, diagnosis and treatment to improve patient care and help reduce healthcare costs.

Our business intelligence capabilities and tools, enterprise data warehouses, scorecards and dashboard views create intelligent environments around specific healthcare problems, providing visibility into complex areas such as disease management, quality improvement, patient population studies and performance reporting. Our solution approach offers deep capabilities, from developing an organization's strategy, to establishing data governance, to implementing an enterprise-wide analytics environment, to deploying a packaged solution.


The benefits

Smarter, interconnected healthcare

The enterprise health analytics solution can help support decision making within and across clinical, business and research domains. Armed with integrated information, organizations can:

  • Improve patient safety and care quality.
  • Increase operational efficiency and clinician productivity.
  • Report cost of services and comply with quality standards.
  • Align with value-based compensation.
  • Control costs and boost operating margins, while growing market share.


The specifics

A foundation for quality care

Our enterprise health analytics solution embeds technology accelerators that are part of the IBM Health Integration Framework, creating operational flexibility, helping to accelerate solution deployment and ensuring healthcare solution integration. The solution uses building blocks such as:

  • IBM® Cognos® 8 BI-dashboards, reports and ad hoc query.
  • IBM InfoSphere™ Information Server-extract, transform and load (ETL), metadata management, business glossary.
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Architect-data model management.
  • IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse™-optimized hardware and software data warehouse appliance.
  • IBM InfoSphere Clinical Analytics-models, dashboards and tools for healthcare provider data.