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Smarter Cities

Smart growth can lead to safe neighbours, quality schools, affordable housing and traffic that flows. It’s all possible.

Analysing the future of cities

Just as you can look at a newspaper photograph and see both the image and the tiny individual dots that give it its shapes and shadings, city leaders look at their municipalities in terms of both the big picture and the individual citizens that comprise it.

The majority of us live in cities, and the percentage is growing. Municipal leaders who run the complex network of diverse people, expected services and aging infrastructure are on a constant search for more efficient ways to analyse data, anticipate problems and coordinate resources in their cities.

As centres of business, culture and life, cities are logical places to integrate many of the Smarter Planet principles and innovations in public safety, transportation, water, building, social services and agencies. A new kind of solution, the IBM Intelligent Operations Centre for Smarter Cities (US), (also available for cloud (US)), synchronises and analyses efforts among sectors and agencies as they happen, giving decision makers consolidated information that helps them anticipate — rather than just react to — problems. By using these tested approaches, cities can manage growth and development in a sustainable way that minimises disruptions and helps increase prosperity for everyone.

Realising a World Class Infrastructure – ICE’s Guiding Principles of Asset Management

Asset Management creates a holistic focus from inception to decommissioning, viewing our economic infrastructure over its entire lifecycle. It provides the basis for a coordinated and coherent approach to infrastructure development, thereby ensuring appropriate investment and attention, and the necessary resilience to meet new challenges enabling the UK to sustain our economic prosperity.

The latest document from ICE outlines:

IBM Smarter Trends shares content from some of the world’s most influential sources on important issues such as: transport, energy, water and city development.

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Smarter Cities systems


Public services
As governments infuse the basic systems of our planet with intelligence to stimulate economies, we start to ask: Can the operations of government itself become smarter?

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Public safety
Cities large and small are turning to advanced computing capabilities such as data analytics, visualisation and sensor networks to enhance public safety systems.

If a building's systems interoperate, they can be managed centrally, even intelligently. With all their impact on the planet, it's time for buildings to get smart.

With smarter grids, utilities can manage the flow of power through their systems. And consumers can manage their appliances and use of energy at the household (or even automobile) level.

Our rapidly urbanising planet depends on getting people and things from here to there. Our cars keep getting smarter. So how about our roadways?

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A new school of thought: educate yourself on key trends in learning, advances in computing and the economic factors that are reshaping our educational systems.

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Sensor networks, smart metering and advanced computing and analytics are helping to ensure the flow of clean, plentiful water around the planet.

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Imagine a rail system infused with enough intelligence to increase capacity and utilisation and reduce congestion. Fortunately, we don't have to wait to begin seeing such impacts.

Using tools like electronic medical records, wireless computing devices and health support networks, innovators are making our systems smarter and more affordable.


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Smarter, More Competitive Cities

Forward-thinking cities are investing in insight today.

The modern city – from vision to reality

Cities need to thrive in order to secure all our futures. Where do we start?

Social media and the city

Social media is changing the conversation - how can it help us create smarter cities in future?

How smart is your city?

Cities are complex networks of components. How can we manage their growth so they are sustainable for years to come and how can we measure progress?

Smarter Buildings: Using data to drive optimised building performance

Smarter Cities press releases


Innovative cities

With insight from more 2,000 Smarter Cities projects, IBM has developed the expertise and capabilities to help cities of all sizes become smarter.

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In Florida, fans who attend Miami Dolphins football games and other events at the Sun Life Stadium will find more organised traffic, better services and an improved experience thanks to on-the-spot data analysis provided through an Intelligent Operations Centre on the IBM SmartCloud.

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Rio de Janeiro is transforming its emergency response system to prepare to host the World Cup and Olympics.

IBM can help city and industry leaders increase the vitality and competitiveness of urban environments with solutions that can optimise the entire city, improve the quality and efficiency of services, and reduce waste and expense associated with inefficient processes and uncoordinated, duplicated execution.