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Smarter Water Management

Whether too much or not enough, the world needs a smarter way to think about water

IBM Intelligent Water

Water stress is everywhere

Water is one of the world's most abundant substances. However, it is also fast becoming one of the planet's most stressed resources. Access to clean water is a critical issue that affects economic activity, development and business around the world. Increasing regulatory pressures, climate change, aging workforces, failing infrastructures, and a growing focus on social responsibility and environmental risk management are forcing organizations to reassess the impact of water management on their economic well being.


Gain insights from rain to drain

As water and wastewater management challenges and costs continue to increase, information technology and collaborative innovation play a vital role in helping communities, businesses and governments deal with complex water issues. The combination of new instrumentation and exploding data volumes, new data types, and the demand for real-time responses requires a new kind of water management intelligence. Current systems are generally standalone and limited in scalability, which inhibits effective decision making across departments and organizations. Smarter water management systems need to provide an integrated operating picture with robust real-time analytics, modeling and decision support capabilities.

IBM Intelligent Water is designed to optimize water operations and to create new opportunities for innovation and business value by delivering integrated insights into a utility's infrastructure, assets and operations. The solution uses advanced data management, visualization, correlation and collaboration technologies to transform the vast amounts of disparate data received from various devices (including metering systems), assets, systems and stakeholders into actionable information that can guide executive and operational decisions.


End-to-end view of your operations

The Intelligent Water solution helps make your operations and infrastructure more reliable and efficient. It integrates and analyzes a wide variety of data sources and provides both an intuitive way of visualizing and understanding patterns and anomalies, and an easy way of acting on them. The result is a view of water or wastewater operations that transcends individual systems, devices and departments. This end-to-end view gives you the key information you need to make better decisions that help lower costs and risk while increasing or recapturing revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Intelligent Water solution helps water and wastewater operators:


Building on Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Water includes the IBM Intelligent Operations for Water product, which is a water management platform that enhances infrastructure visibility to deliver an advanced level of situational awareness, event and incident management, informed decision-making, and collaboration among stakeholders. IBM Intelligent Operations for Water helps with:

IBM Intelligent Water (PDF, 1.84MB) is available in a variety of deployment options. The software can reside in a data center. For utilities and cities with limited IT infrastructure or resources that prefer a subscription service model, the solution is also available on the IBM SmartCloud™