Six Most Popular Smarter Workforce Stories of 2018

By Tracy Sullivan

What stories were you, our Smarter Workforce readers, spending time with in 2018? Apparently, you are a well-rounded group because topics across the HR spectrum caught your interest. You made all of our authors feel the love. That’s what we like about you.

Based on our calculations, here are the most popular stories published on our site, in no particular order:

  • The Same Old (And New) Candidate Experience Story Talent Board president Kevin Grossman explains how everything (and nothing) is new and fresh in his organization’s annual global candidate experience research.
  • AI and HR: Have you started your journey? Whether you consider yourself an AI aficionado or novice, IBM Smarter Workforce Institute director Sheri Feinzig says rapid advances in technological development and ease of implementation allow the benefits to be experienced by all, not just those with deep, specialized expertise.
  • How AI Can Help Shed Bias Baggage and Where to Start in HR Some people are worried that AI will take their jobs. IBM Watson Recruitment offering manager Barrett Richardson says AI can help people do their jobs – and avoid introducing bias in the process.
  • What Is HR Innovation? Beyond the Buzzword According to Bersin analyst Chris Havrilla, the HR function is at serious risk of becoming purely transactional and irrelevant because business leaders are not seeing value.
  • Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Employee Development Elizebeth Varghese, leader of IBM's Talent and Engagement practice in North America, notes that it's no secret that technological change is causing unprecedented disruption in the business world, but the question for HR professionals remains: What do you do about it?
  • Making Moves Towards a Better Employee Experience Sheri Feinzig is our only author who made the list twice! In this article, she explains the importance of making career conversations part of the overall employee experience and how technology can help employees independently discover opportunities within your company that will help them reach their full potential.

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