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Artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources

The business case for AI in HR — with insights and tips on getting started

A new IBM Smarter Workforce Institute report outlines tangible examples of where AI is delivering value in HR today, with practical steps for getting started.

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Competencies in the AI era

Learn how to prepare competency frameworks to leverage AI and cognitive computing to transform your HR strategy.

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Extending expertise: How cognitive computing will transform HR and the employee experience

Cognitive computing solutions can help HR professionals drive new value for employees and the overall organization.

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Making Moves: Internal Career Mobility and the Role of AI

Talent mobility insights and an exploration of the role that AI is playing today and could play in the future.

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Talent Acquisition

How Organizations Identify and Hire Great Talent

An exploration of today’s recruitment challenges and tomorrow’s solutions.

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Should I stay or should I go?

What causes people to want to leave? This white paper provides insights into how organizations can reach new talent and sheds light on what could be driving talent away.

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The far-reaching impact of candidate experience

Fresh insights into candidate experience based on a survey of more than 7,000 recent job applicants

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Research Brief: Reduce hiring mistakes with the right metrics

Learn which hiring metrics are associated with the fewest hiring mistakes

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Research Brief: Looking for top talent? Move to mobile recruiting

Concise article on the use of mobile recruiting technologies by high-potential employees

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Digital reputation: Concern or revelation

Concise article on how social media is being used by recruiters to inform candidate hiring decisions

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Mobilize: Job seeker insights for mobile recruitment success

Research insights into why and how potential job seekers use mobile in their job searches

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The secret to reducing hiring mistakes? It's in the metrics

Research into which hiring metrics are associated with the fewest hiring mistakes

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Could social media mischief cost you that new job?

Research insights into how HR is using social media to inform recruitment decisions

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Recruiting via social media: International research insights

Learn which social media channels are used around the world to inform hiring decisions

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High-Stakes Hiring: Selecting the Right Cybersecurity Talent to Keep Your Organization Safe

Cybercrime is pervasive. It exists in every industry. In every country. Every organization is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Four Essential Steps for Evaluating Assessments in the Age of Big Data and AI

An overview of testing in talent acquisition and four specific guidelines for assessment practitioners evaluating new selection methods.

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Workforce Analytics

HR analytics readiness

How does Europe compare to the rest of the world?

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Starting the workforce analytics journey

The critical 10 steps in the first 100 days of setting up an analytically enabled HR function

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Employee privacy preferences in major economies

Explore how national culture shapes employee views of work-related data privacy in the world’s major economies

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Active employee participation: A critical ingredient

A framework to encourage employees to participate in workforce analytics success

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Unlock the people equation

Learn how organizations use workforce analytics to drive business results

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My data or your data? Workers’ privacy preferences

Research about how employees feel about sharing their data for workforce analytics projects

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Infographic: Starting your workforce analytics journey

How to start to implement workforce analytics projects in the first 100 days

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The Grey Area: Ethical Dilemmas in HR Analytics

Over 20,000 workers in 44 countries were surveyed for their ethical perspective on data use in HR analytics.

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Talent Management and Development

Making Moves: Internal Career Mobility and the Role of AI

Talent mobility insights and an exploration of the role that AI is playing today and could play in the future.

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Why do two out of three new hires consider leaving?

Training and Tenure: Research about why new hires might be thinking of leaving

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Can performance management inspire?

Research insights into how employees react to new performance management approaches

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Implementing Agile Performance Management

The results of an experiment to evaluate a new agile approach to performance management

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Performance reviews – prevalent but not popular

Research insights into state of performance evaluation

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What makes a leader trustworthy?

An evaluation of leadership practices that could increase employee trust in their leaders

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How do I recognize thee, let me count the ways

Research insights into the impact of multi-channel recognition programs

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Infographic: Independent workers

Infographic examining how the attitudes of independent workers in todays ‘gig economy’

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Independent workers: Does country culture matter?

The attitudes of independent workers vary by country. Find out how in this paper

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Generational differences at work

Despite reports to the contrary, work attitudes of different generations are much ado about very little

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Millennials' (Lack of ) Attitude Problem

Research reveals that millennials do not have the attitude problem that some believe

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Infographic: Generational differences at work

Infographic illustrating research into the similarities of the generations at work

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The impact of gender stereotypes on mentoring quality

Results and insights exploring how gender stereotypes affect mentoring at work

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Employee Experience and Engagement

The employee experience index around the globe

An exploration of the levels of employee experience in different countries around the world, and what's driving those experience levels.

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The employee experience of healthcare workers

An examination of the impact of a positive employee experience on healthcare workers in the US.

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Getting LGBT + inclusion right in employee surveys

Best practice guidance on how to ensure the LGBT+ constituency is included in employee surveys.

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Employee Experience: A new global index

Employee experience measures of happiness, vigor, belonging, purpose and achievement

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Make more of your survey scores: Best practice advice

How to best to use norms to accurately provide a context for employee survey scores

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Beyond engagement

A seminal paper on the financial impact of measures of employee engagement and performance

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Listen, analyze and act: Amplifying employee voice

Infographic highlighting a variety of listening methods to capture employee voice

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The Employee Experience of Financial Services Workers

Research insights into the employee experience of financial services workers.

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The Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience

Analysis of the relationship between employee experience and an organization’s financial outcomes.

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