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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Should I stay or should I go? Global insights into employees’ decisions to leave their jobs

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Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

Starting the workforce analytics journey: The first 100 days

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Employee Experience & Engagement

Employee Experience & Engagement

The Employee Experience Index: A new global measure of a human workplace and its impact

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Cognitive HR

AI in HR

Extending Expertise: How cognitive computing is transforming HR and the employee experience

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Research Focus

Where should you start your cognitive HR journey? What makes a great candidate experience? What are best practices in workforce analytics?

Talent acquisition, AI in HR, career mobility, D&I and workforce analytics are just a few of the Smarter Workforce Institute’s research topics. Use our insights to build your evidence-based HR practices.


Our researchers are experts in their fields, and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of workforce research.

Dr. Sheri Feinzig

Dr. Sheri Feinzig

Dr. Nigel Guenoli

Dr. Nigel Guenole
Executive Consultant

Louise Raisbeck

Louise Raisbeck

Dr. Haiyan Zhang

Dr. Haiyan Zhang
Lead Researcher

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