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Build a secure infrastructure to comply, reduce risk and protect

Today's security landscape has grown substantially more complex. The evolution of a highly networked, data-intensive computing model has introduced significant security risks to IT infrastructures. And, the increasing prevalence of social, mobile, virtualisation and cloud technologies present a profound security challenge.

The cost of lost data is expected to increase by 68% over the next five years. (Source:, March 20, 2012)

Source: 1 2011 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States, Ponemon Institute LLC, March 2012. 2, March 20, 2012.

IBM systems support data security across all elements of the IT infrastructure

IBM data security technology helps 96 out of the top 100 worldwide banks.

* Based on asset size
Source: IBM System z Claims Document 04-10-12. Notes: Based on the "The Banker", System z install base and financial records.

Data security and integrity are cornerstones of your compliance plan. IBM offers comprehensive encryption to protect your data whether in motion or at rest with features to help you respond quickly to problems.

IBM data security capabilities enable trusted identity to manage user access control and authorisation and improve accountability.

These features help you:

Enterprise systems

IBM zEnterprise: ultimate security

With built in security features and support for critical industry standards you get ultimate data security and reliability by design.

IBM Power Systems: assured compliance

Policy-based automation and IBM expertise are designed to help you support your critical security and compliance demands.

Expert Integrated Systems

IBM PureSystems: security simplified

Security is integrated into your system with integrated expertise and policy-based configuration without increased administration.

Smarter Storage

IBM Smarter Storage: security with performance

High speed encryption and advanced role-based authentication combine to secure your data throughout its lifecycle.

Enterprise Systems Perspectives: Security Ready

Simplify critical information to comply, reduce risk and protect

Watch the video to learn more about enterprise systems

Secure infrastructure to maximise data security

Watch the video

Secure and enable a resilient infrastructure both inside and outside the data centre

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  • IT Services

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