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How we can help

Your customers need you now more than ever. From managing urgent customer care inquiries to solutions that engage your customers and employees remotely, IBM can help make your contact center more resilient, identify experiences gaps that hurt business performance and scale solutions quickly, all while managing cost and resourcing needs.

Make your contact center more resilient with industry-leading AI

Deflect contacts reaching your contact center and route cases for expedited service with AI-powered solutions like chatbots, cognitive routing and smart search. Quickly arm customers and agents with solutions that make your business more productive and effective.

Case deflection & routing on Salesforce

Use Salesforce to respond to customers quickly with AI-powered chatbots, freeing agents to handle more complex requests.

Virtual customer engagement with AI

Deploy AI to reduce wait times, improve customer satisfaction and help agents work more effectively from home.

Identify opportunities to elevate customer engagement

We keep people at the center of each experience strategy. Using cognitive tools and proven methods, we quickly identify gaps in your customer and employee experiences that impact your business. We then personalize new solutions — one experience at a time.

Digital experience assessment

Perform an AI-powered assessment of your web and mobile experiences and recommend impactful solutions.

Healthcare management on Salesforce

Quickly deploy Salesforce for healthcare providers experiencing unprecedented pressures due to COVID-19.

Scale your capabilities quickly with our remote experts

Innovation cannot stop in a crisis. Add our experts to your current customer experience projects and customer platform efforts. We can help you focus on the highest priority workstreams to quickly deliver proof-of-concepts to market.

Capacity management for Salesforce

Address team shortages with our remote experts. We can help you reduce costs and deliver innovation across all Salesforce Clouds.

Smarter design with IBM Garage

Pivot to meet changing business challenges. IBM Garage supports the innovation you need now, while working remotely.

Discover cost management solutions for your business

Your business needs to adjust, and there is no one-size-fits-all model. Avoid the instinct to detour from current efforts and continue to move your customer and employee experiences forward. We can help you deliver experience innovation while reducing costs across your business.

Digital insights — customer data

Make data-driven decisions faster. Reduce data management costs while uncovering necessary business insights.

Accelerated cost optimization

Leverage remote working models and remove costs across your business during the current economic downturn.

Payment plans for IBM Services

Accelerate and maintain your digital transformation efforts with flexible payment plans built for your business needs.


Together, we can mount an unprecedented response.  Discover new ways to fight the virus, stay informed and adapt to circumstances.