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Popular Free Badges

Earning IBM digital credentials drives your career growth and job opportunities. Here are a few of our most popular badges you can earn for free!

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Basic Principles of Design: A Collaboration of Adobe and IBM
This badge earner has an understanding of foundational visual design elements including emphasis and contrast, color, balance, proportion, rule of thirds, alignment and proximity cohesion through repetition, and consistency.
Agile Explorer
Badge earners will have a foundational understanding of the Agile values, principles, and practices that help change culture and behaviors in the way that people work.
Enterprise Design Thinking
Badge earners know the value of Enterprise Design Thinking, seek opportunities to use it, and can apply its practices in their daily work.
Working in a Digital World: Professional Skills
Badge earners understand, embrace, and successfully practice key soft skills for professional success in the IT workforce.
Explorations into Mindfulness
Badge earners understand mindfulness concepts and techniques, and can apply them in appropriate situations.
CyberSecurity from SkillsBuild
Badge earners have a foundational understanding of cybersecurity objectives and concepts, and can successfully perform its practices.
Data Science Foundations
Badge earners understand the possibilities and opportunities that data science, analytics, and big data bring to new applications in any industry.
Python for Science
Badge earners can write their own Python scripts and perform basic hands-on data analysis using IBM's Jupyter-based lab environment.
Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction
Badge earners know the fundamentals and benefits of Docker containers.
Operating Kubernetes on IBM Cloud
Badge earners demonstrates commitment to the success of deploying and operating a Kubernetes Cluster on IBM Cloud.
IBM Blockchain Essentials
Badge earners know Blockchain principles and practices and can apply them within a business environment.
Explore Emerging Tech
Badge earners know foundational concepts, terminology, and how technologies are applied to solve problems in organizations and businesses. Badge earners can use this knowledge to explore job roles and careers in tech.
AI Foundations: A Collaboration of ISTE and IBM
This badge earner has the key knowledge, skills, and values necessary to understand and work with artificial intelligence (AI), and is aware of the implications of AI for the future of work and society in general.
IBM AI Foundations for Educators
This badge earner is an educator who has participated in a series of online institutes to become fluent and knowledgeable in artificial intelligence (AI).