Securing Digital Assets

from External and Insider Threats

Institutions are embracing digital assets

Digital assets are maturing, institutional investors are moving markets, and financial firms are tokenizing previously illiquid asset classes such as corporate bonds, real estate, and derivatives. Regulated, institutionally robust digital asset custody services underpin all these vertically integrated markets. Loss of control of an account’s private keys through cyber attack or mishap can result in irreversible asset loss.

Safeguarding Digital Assets from Outsiders & Insiders

The IBM team was invited to showcase their Digital Asset Platform at EPAM’s Brown Bag Session. In this session, the team discussed what makes their confidential computing environment highly suitable for Blockchain and digital asset solutions and walked through the platform’s architecture.

Digital Asset Podcast

Join State Street’s Digital Product Development and Innovation experts Swen Werner and Irfan Ahmad to discuss some of the common misconceptions associated with the adoption and application of digital assets, how they are treated across jurisdictions and what place they hold in a portfolio.

Safeguarding digital assets from insiders & outsiders

Whether on-premises or on the IBM Cloud, IBM’s open application environment is uniquely engineered for trusted computing. IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers offer holistic protection: FIPS 197 compliant protected memory enclaves of up to 16 TB each for containerized applications, Common Criteria EAL 5+ rated separation between enclaves, and exploitation of IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services FIPS 140-2 Level 4 Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for envelope encryption.

These technologies support automatic encryption, hardware-bound and multi-party computation (MPC) signing, and approval and compliance workflows transformed into immutable runtime binaries. Operators access only authorized, whitelisted REST APIs and have no direct operating system or memory access. Secure boot protections maintain secrets and defend against inside and outside attacks.

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Let's talk Ethereum 2.0

11:00am CET, March 10th 2021

Let's talk Ethereum 2.0 event poster

Institutional Adoption of Blockchain and Digital Assets in Capital Markets

11:00am CET, 16th March 2021

Institutional Adoption of Blockchain and Digital Assets in Capital Markets

Securing Digital Assets with Hyper Protect Services on LinuxONE

Duration: 52 minutes

Digitization of assets is a process in which the rights to an asset are converted into a digital token on a blockchain. The transparency of blockchain combined with the convenience of transacting tokens can make previously illiquid asset classes more accessible and attractive. Ownership rights to these assets are represented by private keys. Come learn about the world of digital asset custody and how Hyper Protect Services on LinuxONE are uniquely positioned to keeping the application and private keys secure yet accessible.

To learn more about the IBM Hyper Protect Digital Assets Platform register now.

Digital Asset Custody Client Conversations

Not your controls: Cryptobanking explained

Securing your DevOps pipeline from Internal and External Security Threats

Your biggest threat: trusted insiders!

How safe is your data in the public cloud?

Case Studies

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IBM & Hex Trust’s Global Business Partnership

Pioneering the banking sector’s adoption of digital assets link.

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CDG Chooses IBM’s Hyper Protect Infrastructure to Secure its Custodial Platform, Sentry

Custody Digital Group (CDG), an Irish registered company, is launching its Sentry platform to securely manage digital asset wealth, having already seen demand from direct deposit clients, trading firms and institutions.

Stock market value readings

MainBloq - Putting the Lock and Key on Cryptocurrency Trading

An IBM Cloud solution makes digital asset trading safe for financial institutions.

Blockchain networking image

KORE Technologies and Phoenix Systems

Empowering companies to create, verify, store and trade digital assets with trust and security.

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DIA leverages IBM’s Hyper Protect to bring Confidential Computing to Oracles

Empowering companies to create, verify, store and trade digital assets with trust and security.


Protect Digital Assets with Hyper Protect Services on LinuxONE

Custody Digital Group - The Gateway to Digital Asset Finance


Graphic of a bitcoin

11 January 2021 - BTC on the balance sheet

Ledgermatic is the gateway to digital assets and decentralized finance for CFO’s and finance teams. Build and deploy single use cases, asset workflows and advanced financing strategies via Ledgermatic. Modernize today, integrate tomorrow.

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9 November 2020

UK Govt and Digital Assets

Chancellor sets out ambition for future of UK financial services

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22 October 2020

IBM integrates Linux One with R3 Corda Enterprise

Opening up the platform to deliver the flexibility and choice clients want with the security they need.

UK Govt and Digital Assets

The UK has long been a pioneer in financial services and will remain at the forefront of technological innovation.

New technologies such as stablecoins – privately-issued digital currencies – could transform the way people store and exchange their money, making payments cheaper and faster.

To harness the potential benefits of stablecoins, whilst managing risks to consumers and financial stability, the Government will propose a regulatory approach for relevant stablecoin initiatives that ensures they meet the same minimum standards we expect of other payment methods.

And as the UK takes a leading role in the global conversation on Central Bank Digital Currencies, the Chancellor welcomed work by HM Treasury and the Bank of England to consider whether and how central banks can issue their own digital currencies as a complement to cash.

Contact your IBM Team

Paul Bentley
Server Solution Sales- Financial Service

I enable financial services clients to modernise core processes and operations via hybrid cloud and AI platforms, doing this in a secure, agile and scalable manner. Particular areas of my focus to help clients meet critical business needs are opensource, Linux, AIX, IBM Z Systems, IBM i, security and data science.

Andy Hoiles
Digital Assets Leader, IBM UK & Ireland

I help IBM's clients to innovate with with open source and related technologies. I work with a wide range of companies from small startups to large institutions to bring IBM's unique security solutions to bear in the protection of digital assets from both external and internal security threats.

Lena Roesch
Technical Specialist Digital Assets, IBM UK & Ireland

I help organisations add next-level security and stability to their digital asset and Blockchain solutions. As a technical specialist, I work on various projects supporting companies in implementing a trusted computing base to increase security, compliance and provide a high degree of confidence to their customers.

George Fitzmaurice
Business Development for Digital Assets, IBM UK & Ireland

I work with a variety of start-ups, fintechs, ISVs and Financial Services institutions to help guide and drive adoption of Digital Asset capabilities through IBM’s unique security platforms both on-premise with LinuxONE and in the cloud with Hyper Protect services to best align and execute on organisation’s Hybrid-Cloud strategies.

Ray Stanley
Hybrid Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Specialist

Helping clients address the challenges and opportunities that a digital world poses from a strategic, commercial and infrastructure level through solutions that offer the highest levels of security, availability and performance.