Intelligent workflows for strategic sourcing and procurement

From strategic sourcing through payables, IBM Procurement Services can help transform your business into a cognitive enterprise. By accessing refined, real-time data we deliver a highly personalized user experience that can learn over time. This allows for quicker, more informed decision making and maximizes preferred suppliers. IBM global spend category expertise can optimize spend savings for your business through intelligent workflows.

  • Transform from analog to digital for more seamless, responsive procurement.
  • Enrich data for analytics and cognitive insights to make more informed decisions.
  • Elevate talent capabilities and intelligence by automating low-value activities.

Strategic sourcing benefits

Fuel business growth by tapping new sources of procurement value.

Drive top performance by leveraging under-used procurement intelligence.

Realize ROI in as few as three months with low startup costs.¹

Strategic sourcing and procurement services

Procurement advisory and transformation

Let IBM experts advise you on how to shift to a fully integrated and highly automated future, leveraging Design Thinking and cognitive solutions.

Source to pay

Reduce business costs and meet the challenges of complex global enterprises through effective data-driven source-to-pay operations. Improve user experience, increase compliance and gain insights with cognitive solutions.

Procurement analytics as a service

This cognitive capability combines data enrichment with analytics to surface opportunities such as tail spend, catalog and payment terms optimization. IBM experts recommend actions and savings potential.

Leadership videos

Get to know the skills and experience of this vibrant IBM team. Browse through the tabs to watch each team member's video and learn how IBM can help you transform your procurement processes.

Bob Murphy, IBM Chief Procurement Officer

We have the technology to move fast, and we are exploiting it through the use of agile.

Chris Wyatt, IBM Global Leader for Cognitive Process Services

My goal is to anticipate the needs of our clients and "put the client first."

Gene Byrne, IBM Global Delivery Services Executive

We’re really going into the future in a transformational way.

Amit Sharma, Vice President, IBM Procurement Services, US

We are helping shape the future of procurement.

Graham Wright, Vice President, IBM Procurement Services, UK

There's phenomenal change happening in procurement. It never stands still.

Matthew Bounds, Global Delivery Lead, IBM Procurement Services

All over the world, we hire people with a passion for procurement. They truly enjoy their work.

Jason Mudd, Global Domain Leader for Transformation and Technology

We're always scanning for those new and exciting innovations to support our clients.

Eddy O'Donnell, IBM Chief Data Procurement Officer

We’ve made a significant transition with cognitive technology.

Ed Riggie, Executive, IBM Global Procurement Client Center, New York

The best compliment is when clients forget I'm with IBM and consider me one of their own.

Jia Zhu, Delivery Leader for AP, GCG and Japan

We bring 20+ years of experience and best practices to share with our clients.

Martin Esser, Delivery Leader for Europe, Middle East and Africa

Our delivery team has global experience with local expertise.

Crithica Parthasarathy, Practice Lead, Canada

IBM's point of differentiation is our experienced global team.

Moray Reid, Global Offerings Leader, UK

To ensure success, I will understand your business and objectives and translate that to value and outcomes.

Jamie Vaughn, Delivery Project Executive

My client's success is my success.

Jane Castles, Delivery Manager, US

We encourage our staff to be curious and to challenge the status quo.

Kishore Gupta, Delivery Manager, India

There's a lot of energy and passion on the team to provide excellent client support.

Thom Roose, Global Lead, Marketing Services

Where we really start to drive value is in our understanding of the marketing category.

Shawn Busby, Global Lead, Travel and Expense

My mission is ultimately to make sure that your travelers are well taken care of.

Gloria McLennan, Global Lead, Corporate Professional Services

I'm dedicated to delivering value to our clients, with outcomes that contribute to their financial success.

Mike Cuzzo, Global Lead, Fleet

We go well beyond sourcing. We understand what it takes to keep a fleet safe, compliant and functional.

Renaud Untereiner, Global Lead, Freight and Logistics

This evolution in technology provides new opportunities and new solutions to create more savings.

Scott Padelsky, Global Lead, IT

The first thing I do is listen to my client's needs and understand where they want to go.

Tom Gallagher, Global Lead, Facilities and MRO

I am directly involved with our clients in an ongoing basis.

Tom Zielinski, Global Lead, Supply Chain Management

We take on the risk of delivery and supply chain services so our customers can focus on their core business.

Case study

IBM takes on procurement transformation

With operations in over 170 countries and over 13,000 suppliers, procurement has always been the life blood of IBM. However, long-entrenched processes and siloed data across this heavily matrixed organization were leading to frustrations with the procurement process. IBM needed an updated approach to their procurement capabilities.

Educational resources

White paper

Automated Insight Generation in Procurement: The AI enabler and speed to value

White paper

IBM and SAP Ariba: The road to intelligent procurement —  enabling the journey to value

Executive brief

Marketing Procurement: Say “yes” to automation



The Big Procurement Debate: Why procurement struggles to deliver value beyond cost-reduction

White paper

The changing face of sourcing freight in a cognitive computing world


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Meet our experts

Amit Sharma

Vice President, IBM Procurement Services

Donn Vanderploeg

Vice President, IBM Procurement Services

Moray Reid

Global Offerings Leader, Source to Pay

Derek Bush

Procurement Offerings and Methods Leader

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