Top 10 best practices for multicloud management

Get full visibility to your multicloud management and governance.

85% of enterprises are in a multicloud environment, but only 41% have a multicloud strategy.

IBM MCMP is a digital consumption and delivery platform with integration and orchestration layers that supports multiple technology stacks across a multivendor platform. Stakeholders and end users can support their cloud journey by:

  • Optimizing cloud spend and usage
  • Managing services mapping and dependencies
  • Extending DevOps processes for traditional IT and cloud natives

Gartner names IBM as a leader in DCO/HIMS

IDG eGuide - Multicloud Management for Maximum ROI

Improve your ability to respond in real time to customer needs with multicloud management

Multicloud Platform Service Efficiency

Improve service efficiency

Gain up to 65% service management and delivery efficiency

Scale your Operations with IBM Multicloud Management Platform

Scale your operations

75% faster deployment of services to market

Multicloud Management - Consumption console

Manage cloud spend

Save up to 40% on cloud costs

Four self service consoles enable multicloud management

Consumption console

Manage services from multiple cloud providers through this console that enables finding, comparing, configuring, buying and governing services and solutions from any cloud vendor. Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Dynamic pricing for expanded application capabilities
  • Fast fulfillment order based eCommerce environment
  • Seamless sourcing from multiple providers

DevOps Management

DevOps Management supplements your choice of open source tools by providing more detailed visibility to build, test, deploy and run phases of the DevOps lifecycle while tightly integrated with Kubernetes. Features include:

  • Automated deployment of Kubernetes clusters
  • Kubernetes cluster management deployed on any cloud
  • Cloud native metrics and performance

Cloud Operations

Enables IT administrators to analyze by provider, application or environment, inventory and health of their data center and multicloud estate and may include:

  • Multi-Cloud service inventory, health and management
  • Kubernetes cluster container inventory, health, and container management
  • Integration with ITSM / Service Management and DevOps management


Aggregated visibility to your cloud IT spend enabling management and optimization of usage and cost. 

  • Single multiprovider visibility to service costs and cloud asset inventory
  • Manage current and projected costs for asset deployment and inventory
  • Establish and enforce governance control points using financial policies

Deeper insights to the advantages of multicloud management

Tapping multiple cloud vendors delivers clear business benefits

Companies with multi-cloud services are outperforming peers and achieving key objectives.

Scaling DevOps for cloud-enabled IT transformation

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Orchestrate IT infrastructure for speed and agility with multicloud management

Attend the webinar and hear IBM SME Mohan Sridharan share insights on how IBM Services can help you manage your hybrid cloud using a single-pane-of-glass view, enhanced self-service and built-in governance.

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