Fast track cloud transformation with private cloud IaaS


Is your private cloud fully modernized?

IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS helps your business modernize its on-premise infrastructure with fast and secured single-tenant private cloud infrastructure for your cloud applications. With services for compute and storage, your critical private workloads are securely managed with the convenience of monthly billing for only the infrastructure you use.

IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS enables your cloud strategy and builds a strong foundation for your hybrid cloud environment, with private cloud infrastructure management. The foundation for IBM Cloud Satellite Infrastructure services, IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS is the first step for bringing IBM Cloud Services on-premises in a single fully managed environment with your public cloud services.

What you get with Managed private cloud IaaS?

Modernize your on-premise infrastructure

Managed private cloud IaaS helps you modernize your business’ on-premise infrastructure with fast and security-rich private cloud infrastructure.

Foundation for your hybrid cloud environment

Managed private cloud IaaS helps enable your cloud strategy and construct a strong foundation for your growing hybrid cloud environment.

Connect private and public cloud resources

WithCompute as a service (CaaS), you can construct a solid foundation for your hybrid cloud environment with managed private cloud infrastructure services.


Enable your cloud strategy with Managed private cloud IaaS


Data and workloads are protected by “air gapped” management and data-at-rest encryption.


Selective data placement simplifies application and data management.


Consumption based operating expense model frees capital and resources to focus on core business.


Who will manage your private cloud?

What options are available for private cloud management?

Cloud Services

IBM Cloud services provides hybrid, open and managed cloud services across multiple security-rich cloud environments.

Understanding IBM Cloud private architecture

Discover what’s involved in IBM Cloud private installation architecture and basic administration.

Related services

IBM Cloud services on-premises

Easily bring IBM Cloud services and workloads on-premise in a fully managed environment with IBM Cloud satellite infrastructure service.

  • Works as a dedicated, on-premises infrastructure for your IBM Cloud workloads.
  • Fully managed as a service option.
  • Secure and compliant on-premises managed infrastructure environment, set up and managed by IBM in your datacenter.


Use private cloud as a foundation to create a hybrid cloud environment that seamlessly links private and public cloud resources. 

  • Receive consistent service quality and meet your security and governance requirements. 
  • IBM manages infrastructure uptime and provides skilled support.
  • Use operational support as needed.

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