What is application management services for cloud?

Enterprises are striving to achieve cloud potential through hybrid and multicloud strategies, resulting in fundamental shifts in application management paradigms. These shifts include:

  • An estimated growth of 68% in spending between 2018 and 2022 driven by the cloud shift across key enterprise IT markets.¹
  • Currently, less than 20% of applications are in the cloud, and this proportion is expected to increase, resulting in both hybrid and multicloud adoption.²
  • Yet, an estimated 90% of current applications will still be in use in 2023, with insufficient modernization efforts.¹

The traditional way of managing applications is becoming obsolete. What is needed is a paradigm shift to manage applications so you can extract the full potential of cloud. Organizations that embrace this new paradigm quickly will innovate and thrive against competitors.


The benefits

Cut costs and maximize efficiency

Cut costs and maximize efficiency

Provides intelligent, efficient and secure application management with low total cost of ownership (TCO), using automation tools, cognitive assets and targeted security practices.

Improve flexibility, feedback and user experience

Improve flexibility, feedback and user experience

Develop new capabilities for legacy apps; wrap modern technology and approaches around existing apps.

Deliver speed and growth

Deliver speed and growth

Increase speed and innovation and reduce maintenance needs; allows for full digital reinvention of applications to drive growth.

Our capabilities to achieve full cloud potential

Extreme automation for low-touch maintenance

Provides self-heal, digital workers for stable applications and cost take-out from baseline.

NextGen DevSecOps for integrated operations

Offers incident triage, optimized multicloud usage with FinOps, and reduction in unplanned outages.

IGNITE for cloud for quality engineering

Delivers improvement in time to market, reduction in risk in new deployments, and cost reduction with improved quality.

Multicloud service integration for interoperability

Offers improved service agility with end-to-end service management plus a reduction in infrastructure and applications operations efforts.

Full-stack cloud squads for hybrid multicloud

Delivers enhanced ability to shift-left and accelerated time to market, improved innovation velocity across all layers, and risk reduction in legacy talent.

Continuous cloud modernization for portfolio optimization

Increases the cloud footprint and delivers a significant technical debt reduction.

New age delivery

The INSPIRE talent framework

INSPIRE talent framework

ADM-Innovation INSPIRE talent management framework helps you create a future-ready full-stack workforce adept in agile methods, DevOps and automation ready to help you develop, maintain and modernize applications. Carefully organized learning paths provide clear skill trajectories for virtually all technologies and platforms.


The application IMPACT delivery method

Application IMPACT delivery method

Application IMPACT delivery method from IBM is designed to provide speed, efficiency and an enhanced user experience. These features can be achieved through integrated Design Thinking practices, DevOps, agile methods, automation, Garage models, security-focused coding practices, and state-of-the-art tooling and processes throughout all delivery streams.

IBM Application Innovation Lab

Built on an inimitable foundation, the Application Innovation Lab (AI Lab) is the engine that accelerates our clients’ journey to the future of application services, blending credible expertise with agile processes and IBM expertise.

Case studies

Veolia ANZ turns to IBM to deliver new insights on finance and procurement

Veolia Australia & New Zealand (Veolia ANZ) worked with IBM Services to harmonize finance and procurement processes across its three core business units using the SAP S/4HANA solution.

IBM helps British American Tobacco speed SAP solutions implementation

British American Tobacco (BAT) need to grow as a global enterprise at unprecedented speed. IBM helped BAT design and implement a new global SAP template in more than 180 markets worldwide in record-breaking time.

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Enterprise Application Services

IBM experts apply application tools and AI automation on application partner platforms including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others to create applications focused on security and customer outcomes.

Cloud Application Modernization

Increase IT velocity to maximize ROI from existing applications. Define and build application and infrastructure strategy; modernize and migrate applications to the cloud.

Application Development and Management

Let IBM help you lower TCO and improve app efficiency. Deliver high-performing, user-focused applications by taking advantage of IBM AI resources, automation tools and IBM Security practices.


Rajesh Nambiar

General Manager, GBS Application Services

Ashutosh Muni

Global Leader, Business Development and Offerings, ADM Innovation

Jamshid Vayghan

Global CTO and VP, ADM Innovation, IBM Distinguished Engineer

Elli Hurst

Vice President, Automation

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IBM IGNITE Quality and Test

Global and North America Offering Leader

Barry Mitchell

Global Lead, IBM Automation with Watson

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Executive Partner, Enterprise Application Management

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¹ Gartner: Application Modernization Should Be Business-Centric, Continuous and Multiplatform

² IDC MarketScape: Worldwide DevOps Services 2018 Vendor Assessment