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zSecure Visual simplifies mainframe security administration

IBM® Security zSecure™ Visual simplifies IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) administration through a Microsoft Windows-based interface. It helps eliminate the need for extensive knowledge of RACF to perform many functions and allows experienced RACF administrators to focus on high value tasks. Allow more efficient and effective administration with an intuitive interface that uses fewer resources and provides richer functionality.

Optimize resources

Decentralize RACF administration by enabling tasks to be performed at the department level rather than at the corporate level.

Reduce operating costs

Simplify administration through profiles accessed directly from Microsoft Windows. Lower overhead by handling routine tasks with minimal training.

Swiftly identify security threats

Enable business managers and auditors to quickly view vital information about staff and resources directly through a Microsoft Windows interface.

zSecure Visual simplifies RACF security administration

  • Allow RACF security personnel to focus on high value tasks
  • View and manage profiles using Microsoft Windows
  • Reduce decentralized RACF administrator security risks
  • Empower business users to quickly identify security threats
  • Works with common IBM platforms
  • Improve scalability for big data systems