What if your applications could help your IT go green?

You’ve committed to reducing your environmental impact, but many sustainable IT strategies and investments take time to deliver results. And you may be concerned they can affect your organization’s ability to meet business objectives.

You don’t have to compromise between carbon neutrality and application performance. When applications consume only what they need to perform, you can trim costs and materially reduce your carbon footprint immediately and continuously. With full-stack visualization, IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management (ARM) uses intelligent automation to help you extend efficiencies, scale workloads, and reduce resource waste.

Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study


Reduction in public cloud spend with dynamic scaling and workload rightsizing


Annual refresh cost avoidance through improved infrastructure utilization


Growth spend avoidance by understanding app demand

How to operate sustainably

Green data center

Optimize your data center

Gain more effective use of existing assets and more effective purchasing for infrastructure growth.

Cloud migration

Plan cloud migration

Ensure responsible cloud consumption from the start with app-driven, optimized planning.

Cloud optimization

Continuously optimize cloud

Safely reduce cloud consumption continuously, more sustainably as the business grows.

Elastic scaling

Elastically scale apps

Scale modern apps based on response time to drive better digital experiences and increased cloud elasticity.


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