Key Features of the IBM TS7700

Flexible client-based rack mounted configurations

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The TS7700 family offer smaller footprint, lower entry cost option. Flexible deployments for organizations of all sizes with different needs. the powerful capabilities of TS7770 virtual tape are delivered as prepackaged racked solutions or client-supplied 19” industry standard rack configurations.

DS8900F Object Store

Simplify and accelerate data movement while providing savings in IBM Z CPU utilization with DS8900F Object Store. The DS8900F uses Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) to move DFSMShsm object data to the TS7700, sharing both FICON logical volume data and DS8900F object data on the same TS7770 cluster.

Transparent Cloud tiering

Leveraging Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) for storage of virtual tape data in public or private clouds. The server-less direct data transfer from TS7700 to a cloud may improve business efficiency while reducing capital and operating expense. When data is stored in the cloud by a cluster, all clusters in the grid which are cloud-attached enabled have access to that object store instance.

Capacity on demand

Increase capacity in 20 TB and 100 TB increments concurrently on the new TS7770 cache subsystem delivering new larger 10 TB 7.2K SAS Drives with 150 TB usable capacity per drawer pair.

8-cluster grid communications

The grid communication feature is designed to help keep data available, even if one of the remote sites experiences an outage; up to eight TS7700 systems can be configured to participate in a grid environment. This function helps maintain availability during planned maintenance, service or system upgrades, or unexpected outages and helps avoid the physical transportation of tape cartridges in the event of a disaster.

Disk and tape drive encryption

Help secure sensitive at-rest data with support for both disk and tape drive-based encryption.

IBM FlashCopy support for disaster-recovery testing

Perform disaster-recovery tests without interfering with production runs.

Remote-mount IP link failover

Improve remote read/write operations by utilizing alternate links in the event of path failure. If a failure occurs, the failover path searches another IP link to continue the job, without stopping or impacting the host or customer.

Enhanced compression options available

In addition to the standard compression built into the FICON adapters used by TS7700, two enhanced compression options are available to balance performance requirements with storage requirements: LZ4 compression and ZSTD compression algorithms. All clusters in a grid must be running R4.1.2 machine code, or higher, before either enhanced compression option may be selected.

Cloud-based disaster recovery for tape

Add a layer of security ensuring critical data is always available. Restore outside the grid in case of a disaster having copies of the data in the cloud and ensure your critical data is available where and when it is needed while building up your grid. Use Copy point-in-time backups from TS7770 Cloud Connect to the cloud and restore to any empty TS7700 Cloud Connect outside the grid. This feature supports IBM Cloud, AWS S3, IBM Cloud Object Storage and RStor.

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