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What IBM Storage Suites for Cloud Paks Can Do

Containers and Red Hat OpenShift are shifting the dynamics not only within test and Dev/ops environments but across entire businesses. Along with container technologies, microservices-based architectures are becoming a key enabler of hybrid multicloud. These workloads are however, ephemeral in nature. Great for easy replication and migration… but the lightweight and throw-away nature of containers challenges an enterprise’s responsibility to protect and maintain this data. IBM Cloud Paks and IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks brings this full circle by enabling a faster, more reliable way to modernize and move to the cloud.


IBM Certified

Fully tested with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to provide enterprise data services to business critical container environments.

Simplified approach

Delivers a simplified, standardized and trusted approach for the deployment, use and management of persistent storage for your OpenShift containerized private cloud environment.

Monitor and maintain

Helps you monitor and manage applications while providing resource consumption reports.

Ideal for private cloud deployments

The essential private cloud service fabric for building and managing on-premises, containerized applications with persistent storage.

Flexible IBM and Open Source Software

Maximize your data resources with IBM Cloud Object Storage, Spectrum Virtualize, Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Discover plus Red Hat's open source Ceph Storage and OpenShift Container Storage.

Persistent storage for Red Hat OpenShift

The essential private cloud storage software foundation for building and managing on-premises, containerized applications with persistent storage.

Key features of IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

  • SDS for Red Hat OpenShift private cloud
  • Choose the data resources you need now
  • Enterprises can build new applications
  • Delivering infrastructure services easily and efficiently
  • Simple scalable deployments
  • Optimizes cloud deployments
  • Quickly deploy persistent data resources as data classes
  • Speed up container storage provisioning
  • Support for unstructured data

Which option is right for you?

Red Hat Ceph Storage Community Ed.

Red Hat® Ceph Storage frees you from the expensive lock-in of proprietary, hardware-based storage solutions.

Red Hat OpenShift Community Edition

Dynamic, stateful, highly available container-native storage can be provisioned and de-provisioned on demand as an integral part of the OpenShift admin console.

IBM Spectrum Scale Developer Edition

Learn, develop and test with IBM Spectrum Scale™ for non-production use.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

Flexible monthly license for IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks for your Red Hat OpenShift container environment.

IBM Cloud Paks Perpetual License

For users who want a perpetual license for Storage Suite for Cloud Paks in your Red Hat OpenShift environment. Features full license for indefinite use.