Accelerate AI with our high-performance global data platform

IBM Spectrum® Scale provides a global data platform for high-performance, next-generation data services. Accelerate your AI initiatives with capabilities such as HDFS, S3, GPU direct storage and security services. Speed data access recovery times to seconds after a cyberattack. More than 4,000 clients around the world rely on IBM Spectrum Scale.

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IBM Spectrum Scale: Store Everywhere. Run Anywhere.

IBM Spectrum Scale: Store Everywhere. Run Anywhere. (03:19)


Connect applications

Create an environment where data flows freely from edge to core to cloud and not locked into data silos that limit growth and agility.

Maximize resources

Allow applications to access the same data no matter what storage interface is used or where the storage is located.

Modernize without compromise

Optimize all your workloads and gain the performance, security, protection and efficiency you require.

What’s new for IBM Spectrum Scale

High performance object storage

Give your applications the choice of interfaces to the data it needs with a high-performance S3 interface to your file and object data.

Enhanced global data fabric

Global data modernization solved – connect, maximize, optimize.

NVIDIA and IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale now supports GPU direct storage (GDS) and NVIDIA SuperPOD as well as new NVIDIA AI solution.

Kubernetes and IBM Spectrum Scale

Container Native Storage provides a high-performance interface and simple to deploy and grow storage solution for containers.

Advanced File Management (AFM) for Object storage

Native object storage is now part of the high-performance global file system and provides NVMe access to object storage data.

Cloudera and IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale Hadoop connector now supports Cloudera Analytics.

One click integration to IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM Watson

Real time ingest to IBM Spectrum Discover creates more value for AI workflows.

A global data fabric for AI

High performance enterprise storage

  • Kubernetes container applications
  • AI and ML workloads and analytics
  • HPC and high-performance workloads

Flexible building blocks (edge, core, cloud)

  • IBM NVMe flash nodes
  • Red Hat OpenShift storage capacity
  • Public cloud capacity

Optimize your data with enterprise protection

  • Snapshots and multi-site replication
  • Integrated data life cycle management
  • Encryption and WORM data security

IBM Elastic Storage® System (ESS)

Learn how IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS) for the edge or the data center works together with IBM Spectrum Scale.