What can server virtualization do for your business

IBM® Wave for z/VM® helps dramatically simplify virtualization management of z/VM and virtual Linux servers on IBM Z® systems and IBM LinuxONE™. It integrates seamlessly with z/VM and Linux environments to make VM auditing, storage and reporting processes simple and cost effective.

Simplify management

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks by up to 95% and gain an accurate view of your z/VM system.

Move to cloud

Take the first steps to using an innovative private cloud with cross system cloning and advanced virtualization management.

Automate tasks

Simplify and automate common virtualization and administration tasks.

Gain insight

Monitor the performance of key system resources at a glance.

Act quickly

Improve systems and resource management and respond swiftly and accurately to IT changes to meet business needs.

IBM Wave for z/VM features

  • Simpler virtualization
  • Intelligent visualization
  • Unified management
  • Ideal platform for virtualization

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