Feature spotlights

Advanced policy management

Enable cache management for volume retention and deletion with advanced policy management. Volume pooling allows grouping of logical volumes on physically separate cartridges or cartridge pools. Copy export allows sets of logical volumes to be written to physical tape for movement to remote sites. Logical write-once-read-many (WORM) can protect volumes from deletion. Cross-site replication creates a copy of a logical volume at different sites.

Disk and tape drive encryption

Help secure sensitive at-rest data with support for both disk and tape drive-based encryption.

Copy export acceleration

Improve the speed of large copy export operations and reduce the number of physical volumes that contain a copy of the database used for recovery.

Synchronous mode copy

Leverage true synchronous copy through real-time duplexing (simultaneous local mount and remote mount) and copy consistency at two locations up to any implicit or explicit sync point providing a zero recovery point objective.

IBM FlashCopy support for disaster-recovery testing

Perform disaster-recovery tests without interfering with production runs.

Remote-mount IP link failover

Improve remote read/write operations by utilizing alternate links in the event of path failure. If a failure occurs, the failover path searches another IP link to continue the job, without stopping or impacting the host or customer.

More details about IBM TS7760 Virtual Tape System

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Technical details

Software requirements

See Hardware and Technical Specifications;

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware summary:

    • More than 2.4 PB of user data capacity, before compression
    • Attach up to 128 IBM TS1100 tape drives in an 8-way grid configuration
    • Supports both IBM TS3500 and IBM TS4500 tape libraries
    • Up to 64 FICON channels based on 8-cluster grid configurations

    Technical specifications

    IBM TS7760 Physical Characteristics:

    • Width: 635.0 mm (25.0 in.)
    • Depth: 1,409.7 mm (55.5 in.)
    • Height: 1,930.4 mm (76.0 in.)
    • Weight: 791.5 kg (1,745.0 lb.)
    • Supported environments: IBM z/OS, IBM z/VM, IBM z/VSE, IBM z/TPF

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