Take complete control over "edge" based file transfers

IBM File Gateway enables companies to consolidate all their internet based file transfer use cases on a single "edge" gateway. The offering helps secure your B2B collaboration network and the data flowing thru it, trading partners can use myFileGateway for self-service and it scales to support the processing requirements of the business. Companies who deploy IBM File Gateway find it helps IT staff and users become more efficient and reduces the cost of ownership to process internet based file transfers.

Reduce IT operations costs

File Gateway can help companies reduce the cost of ownership to operate their edge based gateway, improve trading partner satisfaction and accelerate time-to-revenue

Secure networks and data

Deploy best-practice approaches to the security of your B2B collaboration network and data whether it's at-rest or in-motion

Manage B2B collaboration partners

Centralize the on-boarding and management of trading partner relationships, end reliance on IT and improve time-to-revenue

High availability B2B operations

"Always on" customer facing communications prevent the loss of business documents during an outage while high-availability file mailboxing enables near-zero downtime in a disaster recovery situation

IBM File Gateway features and capabilities

  • Reducing the costs to operate your edge based file gateway
  • Protecting your brand
  • Centrally manage the relationships with your B2B community
  • High availability operations

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