What SAN32C-6 can do for your business

IBM Storage Networking SAN32C-6 provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core. This switch empowers organizations that are rapidly deploying cloud-scale applications using highly dense virtualized servers, by providing higher bandwidth and consolidation. Designed to benefit both small-scale and large-scale SAN deployments, it delivers outstanding flexibility through a unique port expansion module that provides a cost-effective, field swappable port upgrade option. You gain the day-one option of upgrading to 32-Gbps server connectivity using 32-Gbps HBAs.
IBM Storage Networking SAN32C-6 Fabric Switch

Rapidly deploy cloud-scale applications

Use high density of virtualized servers with low density of switch ports to gain higher bandwidth and consolidation

Consolidate server ports

Consolidate current 16-Gbps HBA installed base to meet your future needs to grow the number of ports

Simplify IT

Reduce network complexity and simplify management through consolidation

Deploy dedicated SAN

Support the performance and scale required for a dedicated, standalone Fibre Channel SAN without requiring other switching infrastructure

Improve performance

Leverage lower latency to improve performance of storage workloads

Lower costs

Deploy the 32-Gbps-capable ports on existing 16/8/4-Gbps transceivers and gain capital expenditure savings

Key features

  • High performance
  • High availability
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Capital Expenditure (CapEx) savings
  • Benefits both small-scale and large-scale SAN deployments

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