What it can do for your business

IBM Pattern Hub is a pattern subscription offering from IBM that enables access to a select set of patterns for the IBM PureApplication platform. The patterns available through the IBM Pattern Hub patterns are licensed and delivered separately from the IBM software products that they install and configure. A subscription to the Pattern Hub gives an authorized user access to all of the patterns that are published through the Pattern Hub. With Pattern Hub entitlement, the subscription patterns can be deployed and utilized with support provided through the normal IBM Support process.
IBM Pattern Hub

Simplify installation

Optimized patterns accelerate time-to-value by eliminating manual steps and automating installation and configuration.

Focus on business innovation

Focus critical resources on value-add activities and business innovation, instead of installation and configuration.

Adapt to changing demand

Offers elastic scaling policies to automatically detect when the configuration capacity should be increased to meet increasing demands from your applications.

Reduce deployment time

Install and configure in hours using a pattern as opposed to days or weeks using traditional methods.