Provides workflow-based management of product information

IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management Collaborative Edition (MDM CE) provides trusted product information management (PIM) and collaborative master data management capabilities. Enables you to create a single, up-to-date repository of product with user-friendly interfaces and personas. MDM CE aggregates information from any upstream system, enforces business processes to ensure data accuracy and synchronizes trusted information with downstream systems.

Helps users better understand data

Improves ease of use with new persona/role-based interfaces to help users better understand their data with an intuitive experience to deliver business value to end-users

Improves data stewardship and governance

Enhances data stewardship and governance by enabling consistent and fast delivery of trusted information across the enterprise

Integrates with key MDM systems

Provides the ability to integrate with other MDM applications and systems to accelerate and expand your MDM implementation to meet your specific business needs

Provides powerful workflows

Enhances your key workflows with powerful collaborative authoring task and free text search capabilities. Streamlines critical business processes including new product introduction (NPI)

Provides performance and scalability

Delivers a high performance and scalable MDM solution with advanced collaborative capabilities that enable you to process and manage large volumes of enterprise data

Available on Cloud

Provides flexibility and lowers cost through a subscription-based pricing model

Key features

  • Delivers advanced collaborative MDM capabilities
  • Enhances data stewardship
  • Integrates easily with key applications and MDM systems
  • Supports effective data governance
  • Enhances your capacity to aggregate data

Available on IBM Cloud

This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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