Key features

Deep data profiling

Deep data profiling and analysis to understand the content, quality and structure of tables and files, including column analysis, data classification, data quality scores, relationship analysis, multi-column primary key analysis, and overlap analysis.

Data quality rules (200+ built-in rules)

Control the ingestion of ‘bad’ data by running data quality rules as data is being transformed and before you load it into the data warehouse, data lake or into applications. Use over 200 built-in rules to route data to the right person to be fixed to make sure the data is trusted.

Data classification (250+ built-in data classes)

Identifies where personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive and other classes of data are stored. Can identify the type of data contained within a column using more than 250 built in data classes including credit card, taxpayer IDs and US phone number. Enables you to create and customize three types of data classes: valid values list, regular expression (regex) and Java ® class.

Data standardization and record matching

Synthesize all of the data coming from various sources into a common format or standard for the target environment. Removes duplicates and merges multiple systems into a single view to create accurate data that can be trusted.

Built-in governance

The data quality Health Summary by Data Rules also shows data rules not linked to information governance rules and policies to support the enablement of data rules for exception management.

Automatic business term assignment with machine learning

Utilizes machine learning for an accelerated metadata classification process (auto-tagging) by using column names and data class to assign and suggest terms for a given column.

On-premise or cloud deployment

Lets you transition into a private or public cloud with flexible deployment options and subscription pricing. Enables you to extend your on-premises capacity or move directly to the cloud. Realize faster time-to-value, reduce administration costs and lower risk subscription pricing.

FlexPoint licensing

Gain access to the unified governance & integration platform offerings via flex point licensing. It supports your rapidly evolving needs by giving you flexible access to offerings included in the platform. Purchase entitlement based on your expected needs. When requirements change, add a product or stop using a product and apply the same flex points to another product within the platform, as long as you stay within total flex points purchased.

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