Key features

Information Analyzer and GDPR

Information Analyzer uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to help identify columns with personal information, other sensitive data and critical data elements that may need to be a part of a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) data strategy.

Collaborative multi-user environment between business and IT

With support for multiple analytical reviews and asynchronous profiling, a project-based collaborative environment allows more than one user to work in a project-based context. You can specify which users can access the project and which actions they can perform. Users can view project data, review analysis results, enter annotations and run analysis jobs helping them to understand the meaning, structure, and content of information across a variety of sources.

Integrated rules analysis

A methodology and best practice guide is provided for designing data quality rules to perform trending, pattern analysis and establish baselines consistently over data sources. The pre-packaged data validation rules help to reduce overall development time.

Advanced analysis and monitoring

Analysis and monitoring provides source system profiling and capabilities to help you classify and assess your data. Users can classify data, display data using semantics, validate column/table relationships and move to exception rows for further analysis. Anlayzer uses the IBM Information Server scheduling service for scheduled execution of profiling, rules and metrics and provides auditing, tracking and monitoring of data quality conditions over time to support data governance initiatives.

Broad support for heterogeneous data

InfoSphere Information Analyzer uses open database connectivity (ODBC) or native connectivity to profile IBM Db2®, IBM Informix®, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Microsoft Access, Teradata and other data sources such as text files. It allows for reuse and sharing of data rules in IBM InfoSphere DataStage® through IBM InfoSphere QualityStage® and Information Analyzer to help align data quality metrics throughout a project lifecycle.

Integrated metadata

Analytical results and notes can be automatically shared across all InfoSphere Information Server modules. Analyzer integrates with IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench and IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary to help connect data sources to business terminology. Information Analyzer also integrates with Linux on System z® allowing you to perform data quality functions directly on the mainframe

Language support

Supports multiple languages including English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, German and French.

FlexPoint licensing

Gain access to the unified governance & integration platform offerings via FlexPoint licensing. It supports your rapidly evolving business needs by giving you flexible access to the offerings included in the platform. Purchase entitlement based on your expected needs. When your business requirements change, gain the flexibility to add or stop using a product and apply the same flex points to another offering within the platform, as long as you stay within total flex points purchased.

Customer case studies

Modernizing information architecture for business-ready data

Flagstar Bank

Achieving data privacy and governance for operational efficiencies

BBVA Compass

Leading with data privacy to accelerate digital transformation


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