Feature spotlights

Manage complex requirements and protect sensitive data

Enhance document management with extensive and powerful capabilities to support complex document and publication requirements and processes. Use role-based redaction to enable automatic document redaction based on the role of the requester, blocking out information according to a user's specifications.

Consolidate ECM platforms

Simplify ECM management with platform consolidation components that work with diverse business process and storage systems.

Accelerate custom application development

Enable your ECM solution developers with easy-to-use custom application development tools. Offer more fine-grained, expansive content management capabilities without the need for coding. Select document types, create layouts and test content templates easily with a drag and drop user interface. Roll out new content experiences in hours instead of months.

Enable social management and team collaboration

Gain insight into social interactions related to your managed content. Track content views, likes, tags and number of downloads to help measure the value of published content. Create team spaces to enable collaboration. Create custom document and review approval processes. View, share and edit files online within one application.

Scale to handle ECM growth

Provide enterprise manageability and scalability to handle very high document storage and retrieval rates on a daily basis.

Extend to the cloud

Cloud brings new and exciting opportunities to every organization strategizing their content management initiatives. Lower cost of entry, faster deployment, increased agility, lower operational overhead and reduced risk are some of the drivers for organizations on the path of digital transformation. IBM Content Foundation on Cloud is powered by the market leading IBM FileNet platform and IBM Content Navigator’s unified user experience.

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