What it can do for your business

IBM Cloud Deployment Services ® improve business agility and efficiency with a centrally hosted IT-as-a-service solution ready for immediate use. Increase flexibility by using automation to provision and orchestrate hybrid cloud infrastructure ready for application workloads and integrate monitoring to track expenses and better manage compliance issues across all workloads. IBM Cloud Deployment Services provides agility by deploying automated patterns and workflows that capitalize on VMware Inc. Software-Defined Data Center and cloud automation technology. Gain control, streamlined management and a customized, dedicated portal and dashboard.

Fast private and hybrid cloud deployment

Deploy application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments more quickly and easily. Service management integration helps optimize the design and build of solution blueprints.

Match specific business needs

Policy-based governance and logical application modeling help ensure that multivendor, multicloud services are delivered at the right size and service level for each task performed.

Effective Monitoring and control

A self-service portal and graphical integrated development environment streamline management, limit the need for IT resources and help you track governance issues, budgets, billing, metering and more.

Cut demand generation/fulfillment time

The services include building and deployment (day-0 and day-1) and delivery and support (day-2) with a catalog of predefined services that can reduce demand generation time by up to 70 percent.