What it can do for your business

IBM Cloud Automation Services automate how you process and remediate activities such as service requests and unreported problem-driven incidents. Our automated preemptive avoidance-of-incidents capability allows only genuine tasks that require remediation to be queued for human action. By handling severity tickets almost instantaneously, we help decrease the number of high-severity tickets and reduce the business impact from downtime. IBM seamlessly integrates automation capabilities into your existing cloud and traditional IT environments. See how IBM is helping Sysco become the most valued and trusted business partner to their customers.

Reduce error

Minimize outages due to manual mistakes or delays in restoration of critical services. Now you no longer need to remember the command sequence or parameter.

Increase service efficiency

Enable faster response and remediation times, increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs.

Decrease high severity incidents

Automation can handle low severity incidents before they escalate and cause serious outages.

Complete compliance

Fix IT issues with virtually no errors using pre-programming.

Adaptive capacity management

Scale up or down on-demand, depending on asymmetric workloads.

Five good reasons to use IBM Cloud Automation Services

  • Enable improved cost savings, service quality and uptime
  • Simplify infrastructure and reduce expense
  • Increase business growth
  • Promote improved efficiency and productivity
  • Gain a high level of expertise with IBM

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