Simplified, predictable DR for complex, hybrid environments

IBM Resiliency Orchestration can automate the workflow of your DR environment for a more predictable, simplified and always-on operation, leading to reduced risk, cost and testing time. It enables complete DR life cycle management for complex, hybrid infrastructure including traditional IT and private and public clouds.

The solution can be delivered in two models:

  • IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration – a monitoring and managed service with optional IT Discovery and Resiliency consulting services.
  • IBM Resiliency Orchestration Software – a software model with an optional implementation service.

Simplify disaster recovery operations

Choose from 450 pre-packaged patterns and intelligent workflow automation to improve reliability while reducing the need for extensive expertise for enterprise applications.

Maintain DR readiness in the cloud

Orchestrate DR life cycle management with an automated workflow that limits human error, enables faster recovery while ensuring that DR activities are performed within SLAs.

Reduce complexity and risk

Use a single management console to provision, monitor, validate, test, and report. Scale across hybrid clouds and traditional data centers, and support heterogeneous environments.

Save time with smarter automation

Enable predictable recovery within business-set SLAs with DR exercise automation and ensure consistent achievement of prescribed RTO/RPO.

Improve reporting across systems

Drive more effective DR audit and compliance management using a centralized monitoring and management dashboard for your critical enterprise applications spanning multiple technologies.

Enable a lifecycle approach to recovery

Improve the efficiency and control of application recovery and RTO/RPO by taking a life cycle approach with monitoring, validation, failover, DR drills/tests, compliance and reporting capabilities.

Key features

  • Address resiliency at business process level
  • Improve RTO and RPO
  • Automate drill failover management
  • Build custom workflows using recovery automation library
  • Complete DR lifecycle monitoring and management
  • Heterogeneous support for hybrid, multi-vendor environments
  • Simplify and accelerate DR processes
  • Optional add-ons for managed services

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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Which option is right for you?

  • Managed service

    IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration enhances standard technology-run approach for more efficiency and reduced RTO/RPO in both hybrid and non-hybrid environments.

  • On-premise software

    IBM Resiliency Orchestration Software can redefine your DR strategy in the face of unprecedented industry change. Implementation Services highly recommended.

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