More control over your cloning operations

The IBM® Db2® Cloning Tool for z/OS automates the cloning process for Db2 subsystems. It's a superior tool for moving enterprise data across the IT landscape. The tool provides the capability to respond quickly to demands for usable Db2 subsystem clones and reduces the time needed to create them, from hours (or even days) to minutes. The Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS features fast cloning at the data set level and offers several unique and significant features that can be used to quickly clone your Db2 data for use in testing or other requirements.
IBM Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS

Create production-like test environments

Quickly clones Db2 subsystems, Db2 table spaces, or index spaces to create realistic test environments.

Copies Db2 data sets

Copy technology quickly copies Db2 data sets within a subsystem or to a different subsystem. Clone an entire Db2 for z/OS subsystem by data sets instead of volume copies.

Automates cloning

Automates the cloning process using any volume level technology, such as FlashCopy to clone subsystems and any data set copy technology to clone table and index spaces.

Automates translation

Db2 Cloning for z/OS automatically translates object IDs to simplify the refresh of data.

24x7 data access

Provides end-users with 24x7 access to their data in an environment equivalent to production quality.

Improves throughput

Realize improved throughput when cloning multiple data set objects by processing each extent of a large object in a separate task.