What IBM COBOL for AIX can do for your business

IBM® COBOL for AIX® is a development environment for building business-critical COBOL applications on Power Systems™. It includes a COBOL compiler, a runtime library for application development use, and a debugger that lets you visually debug a program from your workstation. COBOL for AIX enables you to create 32-bit or 64-bit applications. IBM COBOL Runtime Environment for AIX V5.1 is required to deploy applications built with COBOL for AIX into production.

Maximize Power hardware

Takes advantage of the latest hardware advancements and industry-leading optimization technology for IBM Power Systems.

Optimize application performance

Uses common compiler back end technology from XL C, XL C/C++, and XL Fortran to give better performance.

Improve developer productivity

Increases usability by providing diagnostic reports and symbolic debugger support.

Obtain world-class IBM support

Comes with superior IBM service and support.

IBM COBOL for AIX features

  • Maximize application performance
  • Provide XML and Java interoperability
  • Provide symbolic debugger information
  • Deliver middleware integration
  • Deliver development support
  • Require separately orderable runtime product for deployment

Which option is right for you?

  • COBOL for AIX

    A cost-effective development environment for building business-critical COBOL applications for Power Systems

  • COBOL Runtime Environment for AIX

    A high-performance runtime offering for deployment of developed IBM COBOL applications

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