What can CICS performance analysis do for your business

IBM® CICS® Performance Analyzer for z/OS® is a powerful off-line reporting tool to help you tune and manage your CICS systems. System programmers, performance analysts and developers can use reports and plug-in views. These tools help to identify and eliminate the causes of online performance issues, tune CICS systems for optimal performance, and analyze trends for capacity planning and performance bottlenecks.


Monitor and measure transaction performance from the perspective of transaction flow.


See potential sources of performance bottlenecks using performance wait-analysis reports.


Report on and understand performance measurements for problem determination and resolution. Mitigate service-level risks.

IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS features

  • Performance and statistics data collection
  • Comprehensive performance reporting and analysis
  • Flexible plug-in for CICS Explorer
  • Intuitive interface

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