Achieve maximum value from your IBM-based solution

The Accelerated Value Program (AVP) provides the experienced level of help you need to be successful with your IBM solution. AVP guides you in fine-tuning your environment as well as identifying potential issues and suitable preventive actions, not only for today’s demands but for your infrastructure’s needs in the future. Services include:

  • technical advice
  • coaching on diagnostics
  • reporting
  • integrating new solutions
  • upgrade advice
  • early notification of known critical situations
  • other deliverables to help optimize your success

The program is customizable with various price points and options to meet your business needs.

IBM Accelerated Value Program

Minimize risk and performance issues

Anticipates your needs and proactively advises you on productivity boosting enhancements, downtime avoidance, removing barriers to employee adoption, and configuration recommendations.

Reduce deployment failures

Provides a communication bridge between you and IBM to channel your technical inquiries and proactively advise you on corrective actions.

Drive positive business outcomes

Anticipates your challenges and advises on influential actions to increase productivity, reduce costs and maximize your return on investment.

Accelerated Value Program Feature Spotlights

  • Account governance
  • Product Adoption and Usage
  • Named AVP Leader
  • Event readiness