How do you drive digital transformation?

Through data and insights to enrich customer experiences, and a trusted platform that protects data and meets service expectations. Is your cloud platform ready?

Ross Mauri, General Manager of IBM Z ®, and Bobby Cameron, VP and Principal Forrester Analyst, discuss how the mainframe helps organizations efficiently build and deploy secure cloud services in multi-cloud infrastructures. 

Accelerate your enterprise cloud journey

You know that cloud can help your business transform and capture new opportunities. But are you able to integrate and innovate faster, while tapping into your mission critical data, apps and resources?

With IBM Z® as a participant in your hybrid multicloud, there’s no need to risk data security or sacrifice quality of service. IBM Z continues to enhance your cloud journey with new capabilities for integration and orchestration, and with more predictable and flexible pricing.

Meet the most secure cloud platform

IBM extends the IBM z14 ™ family with a new single-frame model built on an industry-standard form factor. Now, businesses of all sizes can create a low-cost, secure cloud infrastructure and capitalize on new opportunities through trusted digital experiences.


Protect your reputation in the digital era

In 2017, nearly 5.5 million records were stolen per day. Keep your business out of the data breach headlines with the z14 to encrypt 100% of your application, database, and cloud service data. Leverage unique isolation of workloads to protect against both insider and external threats. All for less cost and effort than other platforms, with no application changes, and with little impact on SLAs.

Adopt a secure multi-cloud strategy

Companies with a cloud strategy achieve 2.5x higher gross profits. Today’s multi-cloud reality requires a platform with the highest level of security to protect from breaches – IBM z14. When you couple that with z14’s leading performance, scalability and availability, you have a secure cloud platform ready to run your mission critical business.

Accelerate innovation with enterprise DevOps

How do you balance the need for both innovation and stability? Can you dream up an application in the morning and deploy in the afternoon? IBM Z offers an open, end to end, multi-platform DevOps solution with a consumable API framework (using tools developers prefer) to connect your business assets with external cloud ecosystems.

Deliver quality services at speed and scale

Scaling within one system enables you to grow your business without growing your data center. IBM Z empowers you to deliver consistent, excellent service – even at peak demand. With IBM z14 single frame you can instantly scale up to 58 billion database transactions per day – and up to 377 billion transactions per day on the dual frame.

Unlock data for instant insights

80% of the world’s data is unsearchable behind the corporate firewall. Early adopters of machine learning are gaining competitive advantages and finding efficiencies. With machine learning on IBM Z you can discover insights in real time by leveraging vast amounts of data that are securely in place on the mainframe.

Digitally transform your business

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