Proven, high-performance IBM Flash Storage Systems are designed to transform your infrastructure

Engineered to meet modern high-performance application requirements

Ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and mission-critical reliability are built in to every product

The most comprehensive flash storage portfolio

IBM is uniquely able to deliver all-flash solutions tailored to your storage environments and workloads

Industry-leading technology supported by guarantees

Endurance, performance and compression are guaranteed, and IBM offers extended support and maintenance

McCain Foods satiates a global appetite

To accelerate information, performance and decision-making, McCain Foods across 130 countries relies on IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage with 700% shorter report extraction time.

Better patient care with Flash Storage

With IBM FlashSystem, physicians at Memorial Hermann can rapidly access healthcare information to identify early signs of illness to take appropriate action for patients 99% faster.

Make your data work harder with Flash

Leverage growing volumes of data and take faster, analytics-based decisions. See why Frost & Sullivan recommends Flash storage over HDD for performance and cost-efficiency.