Maximize every customer experience

The call center landscape is changing and IBM can help you transform business operations to create meaningful customer interactions.


average reduction of operational cost for contact center.¹


increase in customer satisfaction.²

Call center solutions

Improve customer service

Enhance customer care while reducing costs, increasing call deflection rates and decreasing customer attrition.

Transform customer relations with AI

IBM Watson® Assistant can help you improve first call resolution (FCR) quickly and easily.

Spot hot trends and personalize customer experiences

Use personalized marketing and customer insights to optimize marketing campaigns and drive revenue growth.

Client stories

Autodesk accelerated customer service response time by 99% with Watson Assistant, improving satisfaction across millions of customer interactions.

Vodafone's AI assistant, TOBi understands what people need help with more than 90% of the time, creating great customer experiences.

Mobily drove millions of dollars in value by increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) with personalized marketing campaigns powered by Watson Customer Engagement.

IBM leads in customer experience

Gartner magic quadrant for digital experience

Use personalized marketing customer intelligence and first-rate digital experiences to optimize campaigns and drive revenue growth.

Forrester technology adoption profile: The digital experience changes everything

Drive unified experiences that will attract and engage customers on any channel.

IBV study: Reinventing the call center

See how you can evolve your telco call center and drive customer engagement with IBM AI.

Learn more about call center solutions

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