Siemens launches a hybrid cloud initiative

Siemens, IBM, Red Hat Launch Hybrid Cloud Initiative to Increase Real-time Value of Industrial IoT Data

Next gen consumer electronics manufacturers

With the growing focus on the user experience by businesses and consumers, the electronics and high tech industry must transform how they innovate the entire customer experience and how they run their operations in support of new business models.

The fuel to drive digital transformation comes from massive volumes of valuable data generated across production, the complex supply chain and from customers using products themselves. Improving data management helps provide accurate, real time information for field service and business processes. 

The hybrid cloud approach gives organizations the ability to bring together the data and unlock its value with technologies such as edge computing, IoT, AI and advanced analytics. The insights from that data becomes the basis to combat industry challenges, create new client experiences, facilitate new product introductions and transform operations to drive greater efficiency and resiliency.

Electronics and high tech industry solutions

Innovate with agility

Speed development across the product lifecycle by managing a wide range of requirements with compliant, traceable solutions.

Power a smart factory

Boost high tech manufacturing productivity and product quality more effectively with proven solutions.

Optimize your supply chain

Enhance systems for greater electronics industry supply chain visibility, transparency and insights.

Transform enterprise systems

New electronics industry applications and modern infrastructure help extend SAP solution capabilities.

Differentiate with service delivery

Optimize customer experience through technology-infused, next-gen service offerings.

Fuel innovation with intellectual property

Keep up with new technology and better protect your patent portfolio with an AI driven patent search platform resulting in faster and more relevant results.


Sparking an electronics revolution with 5G

5G is helping drive next-gen manufacturing and connected, innovative products

Advancing the future of semiconductors

Together with industry partners, IBM Research is heavily engaged in pushing the limits of chip technology to boost such applications as cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

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