Smart city technology transforms transportation management

Build smarter cities and realize new efficiencies with the latest smart city technology innovations in transportation and facilities management. Discover how IBM pioneered advancements and continues to help the government modernize public infrastructure within communities. For example, explore how the IBM Garage™ methodology accelerates digital transformation and helps change the way things work.

Smart city technology solutions

IBM Garage™ for public sector

A space for public sector innovation and transformation.

Infrastructure asset management

Deliver predictive civil infrastructure asset management to reduce risk and cost.

Facilities management

Optimize smart building design, operations and occupant experiences with IoT and AI.

IBM Services for SAP solutions

SAP and IBM are often at the core of infrastructure innovation to lower costs, increase agility and improve results.

Data security

Protect physical infrastructure and enterprise data across multiple environments and simplify operational complexity.

Edge computing

Get closer to your data, automate operations and enhance safety measures with 5G and edge computing.

Discover how IBM smart city technology solutions support government infrastructure.