“ Our vision is that customers will be able to interact with us the way that they want to interact with us. ”

Gregory Knight

Chief Customer Officer and Senior VP, CenterPoint Energy


Create richer, more engaging customer experiences across all channels. By deriving insights based on existing and new information from metering, outage, customer and billing systems, energy devices, third-party data sources, social media and call center interactions, utilities can:

  • Become more customer-centric
  • Develop differentiated customer strategies
  • Offer customer-specific products, programs and services that can drive increased market share and increase regulatory compliance

By engaging your customers in highly personalized ways, you can create and deliver the right offers through the right channels at the right time to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

How it works

Engage customers in more meaningful, profitable ways. By using a rich portfolio of IBM software, hardware and services, you can collect and analyze customer data - from your enterprise, meters and social channels - to develop detailed customer profiles. This information can be used to create personalized experiences at virtually every customer touchpoint. Then leverage predictive analytics to deliver more targeted campaigns.

How you benefit

Implementing this solution helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through a more interactive experience and deepened personalized customer relationships. You can improve operational efficiency of call center and marketing in retail markets, and empower customers to actively manage energy use and use self-service, enabling savings in call center overhead costs. Additionally, revenue can be increased by developing new services for customers (demand response, energy efficiency, DER, etc.)

Success stories

CASE STUDY: CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy transformed their customer systems to deliver a more proactive customer experience

With the help of IBM, CenterPoint Energy is now able to anticipate customer needs so they can be more predictive and proactive.


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