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See your sites and apps from the customer perspective to discover opportunities

Customer journey map

Visualize the customer journey

Quantify and visualize complete, cross-channel customer journeys—individually and in aggregate—across devices and over time. Always know where customers are in their journey and learn how activity in one channel impacts performance in another. Replicate the top performing paths and weed out the troublesome ones.

Customer experiences

Relive customer experiences

Zoom in to see where customers struggled and pinpoint trouble spots. Replay any session to see exactly what your customer experienced. Identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience and refine the journey to deliver more conversions.


Gain the insights you need

Bring together customer experience insights from all channels in a unified, visual dashboard. Customize the dashboard by role to track the KPIs most important to you. Easily identify trends and understand root causes. Gain immediate insight to go from question to decision in minutes, shifting resources and taking action to grow revenue.

Built with Watson

Improve product launches by visualizing the entire customer journey

See how Customer Experience Analytics can be used to identify and examine historical top-performing “paths to purchase.”

5 Steps to Better Understand Your Customers

Read this tip sheet to find out how to delight your customers with extraordinary experiences every time.

Get an end-to-end view of your customers’ journeys

Role-based dashboards

Role-based dashboards

Customized top line metrics provide quick access to business conditions and customer experience activity

Flexibility reporting

Flexible reporting

  • Pre-built and customizable digital analytics reports
  • Rich segmentation and syndication of customer behavior audiences
  • Traffic and funnel reporting with actionable insights
Session replay

Session replay

  • Summarized session views and detailed session replays provide deep understanding of individual experiences
  • CXA uniquely supports web, mobile app and hybrid session capture and replay of ALL sessions with both client and server side data collection
Eventing and alerting

Eventing and alerting

  • Struggle detection and behavior reporting pinpoint where and why experiences are occurring
  • Powerful eventing and alerting engines provide ability to act on insights
  • Simplified event creation makes it easy for business analysts to take action
Site optimization

Site optimization

  • Uncover usability flaws that cause customers confusion and struggle
  • Compare segments side-by-side to optimize experience, content and campaigns
  • Drill contextually into sessions details and other analytics for more detail
Journey analytics

Journey analytics

  • New multi-channel path analysis provides holistic understanding of customer journeys
  • Users can quickly compare path popularity, duration, revenue and customer values across unique segments and drill down for deeper understanding
Mindset analysis

Mindset analysis

  • Understanding which events impact discovery, purchase consideration and advocacy can be key to increasing conversion, revenue and customer loyalty
  • Flexible customer lifecycle definitions can be tailored for any industry
Mobile dashboard

Mobile app dashboard

Measure how your customers are engaging with your mobile apps with customizable KPIs and reporting. Deep dive into user data by region, level of engagement and app version to identify how your mobile apps are impacting your customer’s journeys.

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