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IBM Consulting™ designs your business to understand and adapt to customer needs, fast. We have helped businesses like Audi UK and Frito-Lay with their approach to customer lifecycle transformation, creating personalized communications, demand-driven commerce and automated customer service. Working with you, and our ecosystem of partners, we apply business design, industry expertise, automation and AI across your platforms, your workflows and your business.

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Experience strategy & design

IBM Consulting works to blend your brand purpose with human insights and the right technologies to meet the moment — delivering exceptional experiences that build customer loyalty and trust.

Customer lifecycle transformation

In partnership with leaders like Adobe, Salesforce, SAP and Workday, we help you adopt modern ways of working and re-engineer your business to benefit from intelligent workflows, AI and automation.

Employee engagement and development

Exceptional customer experiences require engaged employees. IBM Consulting empowers employees with insights. We foster a culture of collaboration and learning by helping you transform and deliver new value to your employees.

Strategic Partnerships


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Experience smarter personalization

For more than 20 years, IBM and Adobe have developed a one-of-a-kind partnership focused on helping clients design and deliver more personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty and trust.


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Co-create experiences for all your users

Together with Salesforce, we don't just create business value. We create progress and human-centered experiences for customers, partners and employees.


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Harness HR insights to empower talent

IBM Workday consulting services will help you build intelligent workflows and processes to inspire and enable your workforce for the future.


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Deliver personalized customer experiences with SAP Commerce

Create personalized and compelling customer experiences that satisfy customers online, on mobile devices and in the store.

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Collaborative innovation at an enterprise scale

IBM pioneered the integration of design and agile practices for the enterprise, and IBM Garage™ is where that comes to life. Discover new, innovative ideas to solve what's most important for your business and your customers. IBM Garage applies strategy, design and technology to digitally reinvent your business. We take a human-centered, outcomes-led approach to defining your digital strategy and delivering exceptional customer experiences to build your business.

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faster speed to outcomes


more innovative ideas



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