Cut costs by moving your VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud

Leverage your existing VMware investments when you extend your VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud. Bring your existing VMware licenses that have already been purchased or rent VMware licenses from IBM instead of paying large upfront fees. There are no network charges for moving data in, out or within the IBM Cloud, giving you ultimate flexibility for scaling up or down based on your needs.

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Easily access more capacity for VMware workloads so that your IT staff spends less time on capacity planning, procurement, maintenance, etc. and spends more time on strategic priorities.


Take advantage of flexibility in bare metal configurations and scalability to only use the capacity you need. Virtual environments can be optimized to drive higher VM density without sacrificing performance.

Flexible storage options

Choose from a variety of storage types and configurations to optimize application performance and utilization — and greatly cut down on storage costs.

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Easily migrate your VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud with two months free.


*Based on VM size of 4 vCPU, 8 GB of RAM, 150 GB disk. Leveraged per-VM average disk of 150 GB and then rounded down to nearest capacity tier. Assumes IBM-provided VMware subscription-based licensing.

**Starting price includes separate file share for management components (2 TB, 4 IOPS/GB).

***VCF starting price includes vSAN deduplication and compression capability and RAID 5 erasure coding.