Why Master Data Management (MDM) on Cloud?

IBM Master Data Management on Cloud, for customer data, and IBM Master Data Management Collaborative Edition on Cloud, for product data, make it easier to trust, govern and act upon data with the extensibility of flexible deployment models for speed, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Master Data Management (MDM) features

Speed and innovation to the core

With the fully managed offering, drive experimentation and innovation with speed in your core business, while taking administrative tasks and infrastructure management off your plate.

High availability

Highly optimized out-of-the-box high availability to provide ease of use.

Robust backup infrastructure

Fully customizable built in hardware and software infrastructure based on the proven technology Spectrum Protect.

Gain cost efficiencies

Reduce risk and initial cost for new projects with a cost-effective entry point to MDM and subscription-based licensing options.

Flexible hybrid deployments

Move all or part of your Master Data Management workload to the cloud. Expand your environment or begin a transition into a cloud environment.

Improved time to value

Reduce the time required for provisioning and deploying MDM so that more resources can be devoted to developing new solutions and innovation.

MDM on Cloud versions

MDM on Cloud Managed

Provides IBM Master Data Management Managed in small, medium and large configuration on IBM Cloud infrastructure. We manage the infrastructure and administrative tasks.

Premium plans

Provides IBM Master Data Management Advanced Edition for small, medium and large configurations on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

High Availability plans

Provides IBM Master Data Management for high availability in small, medium and large configurations on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

Non-production plan

Includes shared non-production MDM runtime instances for development integration and quality assurance testing, plus two developer and BPM instances.

Talk to a Master Data Management on Cloud expert

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