Infrastructure administration. Simplified.

With a fully automated platform, you can directly manage your own infrastructure and do anything that an IBM Cloud team member can do ... except for going into the data center yourself.

Or if you would rather focus your time and resources on your core competencies and let IBM focus on managing your infrastructure, a team of managed hosting experts is ready to help.

Key benefits

24x7 Accessibility

24x7 accessibility
You have around-the-clock access to the tools and support resources you need.

Management Tools

Management tools
Choose the management services that meet your business needs – from DIY tools to a dedicated team.

Complete integration

Complete integration
Use the same tools, services, and support to manage your bare metal and virtual servers.


API, customer portal and mobile applications put you in control.
Use IBM's homegrown resources to access, monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure and your IBM Cloud account. The IBM full-featured customer portal and mobile applications are built on the IBM Cloud API, providing you direct access to your environment.

Management tools

Server imaging, testing and recovery resources save you time.
Repetitive and time-consuming management tasks like server replication, testing and recovery are simplified and automated with a toolbox of server utilities.

Monitoring and reporting

Stay informed with standard and advanced monitoring of system performance and status.
Keep an eye on your servers without having to watch them. IBM provides monitoring and reporting resources that alert you to possible problems and can trigger support or system response.

Managed hosting

A team of certified cloud experts is at your disposal.
Allow your team to focus exclusively on your sites and applications by letting a dedicated team of systems administrators manage every aspect of your infrastructure environment.


You’ve got questions?
Get all the information you need to keep your servers in tip-top shape from a self-service knowledgebase, community-driven forums or helpful technical support department.