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Db2 on Cloud is a fully-managed SQL database on the IBM Cloud™. For detailed Db2 on Cloud pricing, including information on the Lite version, see below. For additional information about IBM’s broader pricing models and approaches visit the IBM Cloud pricing overview.

Do you already hold entitlements for Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced and Db2 Workgroup? You can leverage discounted BYOL pricing.

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Pricing comparison table

Pricing plan (prices in USD/month) Instance type Base cost/instance High availability instance RAM Storage 1 million IO operations Disaster recovery node instance Get started
Lite Plan

Shared multi-tenant




100 MB included



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Flex Plan (most popular)

Single-tenant virtual server

USD 189.00

+ USD 189.00

4 GB included + USD 13.00/extra GB

2 GB included + USD 1.00/extra GB

+ USD 0.20

+ USD 189.00

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Precise Performance Plans                
500 Plan

Dedicated virtual server

USD 250.00

+ USD 500.00

8 GB included

500 GB included


+ USD 250.00

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1.4 Plan Dedicated bare metal server USD 4000.00 + USD 8,000.00 128 GB included 1.4 TB included   + USD 4,000.00 Get started
1.1 Plan Dedicated bare metal server USD 18,000.00 + USD 36,000.00 1 TB included 11 TB included   + USD 18,000.00 Get started
Hybrid Data Management Platform Flex Plan Dedicated bare metal server USD 9,950.00   USD 13.00/GB 2 GB included + USD 1.00/GB     Get started


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